Published work

  1. Dynamic burstiness of word-occurrence and network modularity in textbook systems
    XM. Cui, CN Yoon, H Youn, SH Lee, JS Jung, SK Han, Physica A 487:103-110 [link]

  2. Urban socioeconomic patterns revealed through morphology of travel routes
    Minjin Lee, Hugo Barbosa, Hyejin Youn, Gourab Ghoshal, Petter Holme
    (under review) 2017 [arixv]
    [Santa Fe Institute working paper]

  3. Technological novelty profile and invention's future impact
    D. Kim, D. Burkhardt Cerigo, H. Jeong, H. Youn
    EPJ Data Science 2016 5:8 [link]
    [Springer Blog]

  4. Demographics and Democracy: A Network Analysis of Mongolians Political Cognition
    P. Sabloff, S. Thurner, R. Hanel, H. Youn
    (in Press) Journal of Anthropological Research

  5. On the universal structure of human lexical semantics
    H. Youn, L. Sutton, E. Smith, C. Moore, J. Wilkins, I. Maddieson, B. Croft, T. Bhattacharya,
    PNAS 113 (7) 1766–1771 [link] [project page]
    [] , [Santa Fe Institute news], [Mathematical Institute news, University of Oxford], [PNAS highlights], [viz made by Quartz], [Nature], and in [National Geography]

  6. Scaling and universality in urban economic diversification
    H. Youn, J. Lobo, D. Strumsky, H. Samaniego, G. B. West, L. Bettencourt
    J. R. Soc. Interface 13 20150937 (2016) [arXiv] [link]
    [Science of Cities] in Next City, and [Forbes].

  7. The ecological and evolutionary energetics of hunter-gatherer residential mobility
    M. J. Hamilton, J. Lobo, E. Rupley, H. Youn, G. B. West
    Evolutionary Anthropology 25:124–132 (2016) [link] [arXiv] [Phys.Org]

  8. Invention as a combinatorial process: Evidence from U.S. Patents
    H. Youn, J. Lobo, L.M.A. Bettencourt, D. Strumsky
    J. R. Soc. Interface 12: 20150272 (2015). [Link] [arXiv]
    [the Economist] [MIT Technology Review] [Nature Physics].

  9. Constructing cities, deconstructing scaling laws
    E. Arcaute, E. Hatna, P. Ferguson, H. Youn, A. Johansson, and M. Batty
    J. R. Soc. Interface 12 20140745 (2014) [Link] [Phys.Org]

  10. Professional diversity and the productivity of cities
    L. Bettencourt, H. Samaniego, H. Youn
    Scientific Reports 4, 5393 (2014) [arXiv] [Link] [WalletHub]

  11. The geography and carbon footprint of mobile phone use in Cote d Ivoire
    V. Salnikov, D. Schien, H. Youn, R. Lambiotte, and M. Gastner
    EPJ Data Science 3, 3 (2013) [Link] [arXiv]

  12. The Statistics of Urban Scaling and Their Connection to Zipf’s Law
    A. Gomez-Lievano, H. Youn, L. M. A. Bettencourt
    PLoS ONE 7(7) e40393 (2012) [Link]

  13. Inefficiency in Networks with Multiple Sources and Sinks
    H. Youn, M. T. Gastner, H. Jeong
    Complex ‘2009 (USST, Shanghai, China, Feb. 23-25) [Link]

  14. The Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks: Efficiency and Optimality Control
    H. Youn, M. T. Gastner, H. Jeong
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 128701 [Link] [The Economist] [Scientific American] [News and Tribune] [] [ArsTechnica]

  15. Price of Anarchy on Boston Road Network
    H. Youn, F. Roth, M. Silver, M.-H. Cloutier, P. Ittzes, and H. Jeong
    J. Korean Phys. Soc. 48 217 [Link]

In preparation

  1. The Hypothesis of Urban Scaling: formalization, implications, and challenges
    L. M. A. Bettencourt, J. Lobo, G. B. West, H. Youn
    [working paper] [ arXiv ]

    (Under review)

Other work

  1. Lecture on Science of Cities
    H. Youn
    Towards the Scientific Theory of Cities at Gresham College (2014). [Video Clip]

  2. How will our cities grow?
    Interview with Smart Planet [link]

  3. #

    Urban Energy Consumption in the US (2013)
    H. Youn

  4. #

    Cartogram of Korean Election Outcome (2013)
    H. Youn